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Quaking Maples Farm
373 Quaking Maples Drive
Eglon, WV USA 26716
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About Our Farm
Quaking Maples Farm is located high in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia and is the home of Joe & Betsy Viola. Situated on 100 acres, about 40 acres are pasture and meadow, with the balance in mixed hardwood forest.
The name “Quaking Maples” originated from the abundance of maple trees and the incessant breeze that causes the leaves to “quake” throughout most of the year. At over 1/2 mile in elevation, the summers here are cool and the annual winter snowfall is measured in feet.  Quaking Maples Farm is both a homestead and a working farm. 
As a homestead, we try to imitate the traditional farm of yesterday, producing a diversity of products, most of which are raised or produced for our own use, or shared with our friends and neighbors.  We have various items for sale but they are seasonal, and range from fresh brown eggs to maple syrup.
As a farm, most of our hilly pastureland is devoted to our flock of long wool sheep. Our breed of sheep is mostly Border Leicester and they are raised for both wool and lamb.  All of our livestock are raised humanely and at nature’s pace.  The ewes have their lambs in the spring, to take advantage of the tender spring forage, and all remain on pasture until the winter snows arrives.  By using sustainable, rotational grazing methods, our sheep graze a constant supply of fresh forage throughout the growing season.  This practice replenishes the soil and keeps the sheep and lambs fat and healthy.  They, in turn, provide us with an abundance of soft, lustrous wool.
Long wool sheep produce the heaviest fleeces whose wool is highly prized by knitters and handspinners.  For the highest quality wool, we find that shearing twice a year is necessary.  Joe shears the flock in March before lambing and again in September before cold weather sets in.  The lambs are also sheared in late summer.  Betsy then cleans and processes the fiber, converting it into everything from uniquely-dyed handspun yarn to knitted hats and scarves.
In addition to yarn and wool products, Betsy also produces and sells handmade soaps.  These soaps are made with all natural vegetable oils, scented with either essential oils or fragrance oils.  They are very mild and soft on the skin.
In addition to the farm, Joe sharpens, repairs, and sells items related to livestock shearing and pet grooming.  He understands the science of blade sharpening and his sharpening service is second to none.  Joe is also an accomplished shearer who has learned this skill from many individuals. Through the years, he has shorn many thousands of sheep and continues to offer custom sheep shearing and private and group shearing lessons.
Quaking Maples Farm is our life, love, and livelihood. We take pride in what we do and in all the products and services we offer.  Thank you for visiting our farm website.
We welcome your comments to:  info@qmfarm.com